DIY Dry Shampoo – Light or Dark hair

August 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

Why a dry shampoo?


Showering and shampooing daily depletes the hair and skins natural and healthy oils. Too much washing and cleansing strips away beneficial bugs that the body uses to ward off infections so why not take a break from daily showering. Your hair will be shinier, healthier and more manageable. Have you ever noticed how after a weekend away after camping (without shampooing), after your first shower back your hair feels the most soft and luxurious it’s ever been?? I have noticed and it’s not a coincidence. I love giving my hair and skin a break and letting my natural oils take over… however, I am a stay-at-home mom and alot of people do not feel comfortable going to work without showering. 

Here’s what I suggest….
Shower every day if you must, but, the second day put your hair in a shower cap and don’t shampoo. Cleanse your skin with coconut oil, not soap, or just plain old luke-warm water. If you want you can go ahead and soap your (private areas) but let your skin have a break. You won’t stink I promise! This way, you will still feel refreshed from showering but not dried out and still ready for work. 
Now, comes the hair part. 
Here’s where my dry shampoo comes in….
Do not buy dry shampoo from the store. It’s loaded with chemicals (butane, hydrofluorcarbons and fragrance) (YUCK) and it’s super expensive! Why buy it when you can make your own at home for cheap. The best part is you probably have all the ingredients you need sitting in your pantry.


Light hair: 2 tbsp cornstarch. Add any essential oils for scent. (optional)
Dark hair: 2 tbsp cornstarch. 1 – 4 tbsp cocoa powder depending on how dark your hair is. I have dark hair and use a 1:1 ratio. Add cinnamon if you have a red tinge or would like a natural, sweet smell. (optional) I am usually too lazy. 🙂
Dab a cosmetic brush into some cornstarch and gently dab at the hair located at the roots of your part and hair line. Leave in for five minutes or so, comb your hair, and give it a shake over the bathtub or sink. Fluff up and style. Apply more as needed.

Do’s and Don’ts: 

DON’T apply directly to the scalp especially if you are me have dark hair and use cocoa powder mixed with the cornstarch. It will make your scalp brown… hehe. Only apply to the hair. 
DO experiment with differenct essential oils for natural fragrance. A little goes a long way.
It WORKS, try it! You will have successfully gone 1 day without washing your hair! After some time your hair will start to produce less oil and will look less oily without being shampooed.

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