CRISPY, Roasted, Smashed Potatoes

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I’m not a big potato fan. Not sure why. They are kinda bland to me. The only thing I love about potatoes is that you can make potato chips from them and you get to dress up a baked potato with all the fix’ins…… sour cream, chives, bacon, butter. 
I know. I’m not supposed to eat potato chips. If potato chips aren’t a processed food I don’t know what is. These are a good substitute and WAY taster than plain, old, roasted potatoes. YOU WILL LOVE THEM and never, ever go back to regular old boring potatoes again.

Click HERE to read more and get the delicious recipe for my Smashed Potatoes


DIY Dry Shampoo – Light or Dark hair

August 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

Why a dry shampoo?


Showering and shampooing daily depletes the hair and skins natural and healthy oils. Too much washing and cleansing strips away beneficial bugs that the body uses to ward off infections so why not take a break from daily showering. Your hair will be shinier, healthier and more manageable. Have you ever noticed how after a weekend away after camping (without shampooing), after your first shower back your hair feels the most soft and luxurious it’s ever been?? I have noticed and it’s not a coincidence. I love giving my hair and skin a break and letting my natural oils take over… however, I am a stay-at-home mom and alot of people do not feel comfortable going to work without showering. 

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