Brown Butter – Let the magic begin

September 17, 2013 § 5 Comments

I’m obsessed with brown butter.


I know, it’s like I’ve been living under a rock because it’s kinda been around for awhile, but I have an excuse. Remember…? I live in a village of 250 people?? I started hearing about brown butter on cooking shows. Gordon Ramsey’s Masterchef. Jessie, one of the contestants, talked about a brown butter dessert she was making. I thought to myself “hmmmm… I love butter. I wonder what brown butter is…”

Brown butter is pretty much exactly how it sounds. It’s butter that has been, well, browned.  It super easy but incredibly tasty and just elevates the butter to a decadent, nutty richness that it otherwise wouldn’t have.

017mUse brown butter as a substitute for butter in any baked goods or use with vegetables like winter squash.  Drizzle over pies, or make syrups for waffles. Try salmon glazed in brown butter and brown sugar. The possibilities are endless.

Here is the recipe.

I’m not going to church it up for you.


Brown Butter



Directions: 1. Heat a pan or skillet or pot on medium heat. I used just over a cup butter so I used a pot. 2. Add butter. 3. Stir or whisk constantly until butter starts to turn a deep amber color. 4. Careful not to burn. 5. That’s it. 6. Remove from heat and pour into a glass pyrex measuring cup. Let cool.


Browning just over one cup of butter took about 15 minutes for it to get a nice, deep, amber color. You will start to smell a beautiful nutty aroma. You will know when it’s done. But don’t burn it.


Drizzle away.


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