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September 16, 2013 § 4 Comments

1.  My dog needed grooming. I kind of did things completely opposite and didn’t mean to! It’s the end of summer and I get my dog groomed… procrastination is my enemy. My husband and I have a bichon shih tzu. We have had him for 4 wonderful years, his name is Whiskey. This little cute bichon shih tzu was supposed to be 11 pounds… at least that’s what they told us at Toys R Us when we bought him. Well he grew… and he grew.. and he grew. He is not 11 pounds, he’s 30!!! Ok, so he’s not the cute, tiny, fluffy little guy we were picturing, but he’s our Whiskles and he’s got tons of personality. Don’t bug him in the morning, he’s grumpy. 🙂 And if you kick him off your spot in the couch, he will jump right back up to that same spot the minute you leave.

Here is his before:


Whiskey before

That’s “the spot” on the couch…. don’t bug him.



Whiskey after

See? Same spot on the couch. He was grumpy.

His personality totally changes when we get his hair cut too. Short hair makes him a little more cocky, like he’s got this attitude now that he’s all clean-shaven. Hehe. Silly guy.

2. We did it! We now have our 3-year-old in a big girl bed. 

This was our process….

Here is my husband in his pajama’s in assembly mode.


Look, she can’t wait… she just wants to jump in there right now!


Here she is drinking her milk in her new bed right before her nap!


We She loves her new bed. Every time I woke her up from napping the first couple days the first thing she said was “I love my new bed”. It was so cute. It has been a smooth transition.. for the most part.

Sleeping away… very first nap with the fairies.


But now, I think the novelty is wearing off and she is getting brave. The first couple nights we put her in there, she would hop out of bed, quick as a bunny to go peak in her toy box, and then hop back in to bed. Now, she does that about 6 times, walks around the room a couple 7 times, and calls for us and stalls as long as she possibly can. She is tricky. Falling asleep at 9 is the normal now instead of 8. But that was to be expected. Right? I think after some time, she will get bored with the stalling and the healthy dose of freedom. NO getting up at all in the night though. Hurray!!  And only 2 times she has fallen out of bed.. hehe. The bed is like half a foot off the ground, so she rolled over on the part there was no side rail, and boom, hit the floor. It was so cute, she just got up, looked around, got right back up into bed, and went back to sleep. 🙂 What a trooper.

3. We cleaned out our garden this weekend, no more fresh vegetables, and cut down all our perennials. Brrrrr… it feels like fall. Even though today is supposed to be 28! That’s the Canadian and Saskatchewan weather for you. Anyway, my daughter Kayden has an obsession with ladybugs. And fall is the perfect weather for ladybug hunting.

Take a look at how many she found! These were all over the garden and hiding in the leaves in the yard. So she hunts for them, sticks them all in her hand, and puts them in the bird dish hoping they will stay there.

You have to look very closely…




She is brave. I would never take a handful of creepy, crawly ladybugs in my hand!


There. Another MM full of kid stuff and fall. I hope you enjoyed.

Coming soon:

Brown Butter Magic – how to Brown Butter



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