Miscellaneous Medley

September 8, 2013 § Leave a comment


The MM (Miscellaneous Medley) will be a little segment every week or couple weeks that I will write about everyday “stuff” in my life. I will share pictures, ideas, favorite things , kid stuff and well, any random everyday life stuff that I think you will enjoy. Plus I just really like the world “medley”… I can picture my husband cringing. 🙂 He hates it when I use that word! What’s wrong with “medley”??

1. FALL. It is September in Saskatchewan, and that means “get ready your 7 month winter is almost here”. I took a few pictures of fall that I wanted to share.



This is of our beautiful vine in our yard. The colors are INSANE. Our trees never get colors like that, just our vine. I love it, I just wish it lasted longer. Fall seems to last a week here in Canada.

These are my Marigolds that I planted way back in June from seed. At least I think they are Marigolds, I lost the seed packet! But I was shocked at how tall they got and how beautiful the colors were. Definitely worth a buck.


Here are a few of our fall vegetables that I have to harvest. I never thought I would know what “harvest” meant seeing as I’m a Calgary-big-city girl at heart, but look at me go.


Here is my lovely daughter enjoying a garden carrot. It makes me happy she gets to enjoy the fruits of my labor. 🙂


2. Fall shows. Anyone else excited for fall shows to come back? I am addicted to The Good Wife, Dallas and Castle. What is your favorite?

3..I just got back from a visit to my hometown Calgary, and for the first time in 3 years my husband, my daughter and I went out to eat at a restaurant and sat on a patio and had a beer. All 3 of us. It was heaven. We don’t get to do that in Saskatchewan in our small village. There is no restaurant. And also being a new parent, for the first 2 years going out to a restaurant with a kid who wont sit still is not on my top list of priorities. Those who have young children I’m sure can relate.


4. I’m obsessed with Tinkerbell!


Who doesn’t love fairies? The thing is, I barely remember Tinkerbell from my childhood. I just watched a Tinkerbell movie with my daughter and we both were glued to the tv screen. It was MAGICAL and I want to believe in fairies now.

My husband ordered a Tinkerbell canopy bed for my daughter through Air MIles months ago purely by coincidence. That was before she even knew who the fairies were! (I know, don’t judge, we are making the move to get her in a big girl bed this weekend, she is almost 3 and a half.)  I am making my husband set it up this weekend and we need to get some Tinkerbell bedding.  Anyone where to buy any cheap, kids Disney bedding? I know, I know, Disney stuff cheap? Yeah right. Will be looking this weekend in the city!

That’s all for MM this week. Thanks for reading!


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