Top 10 Things You Give Up After Having Kids

August 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

  1. Sleep. Enough said.
  2. Using the bathroom in private. Ha! My sister always get a kick out of the fact I never close the bathroom door anymore. Anyone and everyone is welcome. ūüôā
  3. A ‘quick’ run to the store. Anyone who has kids, KNOWS, how this works.. or should I say doesn’t work.
  4. Pub hopping on a hot saturday afternoon. Park hopping will just have to do.
  5. Showering. Ok, well maybe not completely, but trying to schedule a shower in, especially at the newborn stage is one of the hardest thing a new mom has to plan. And once you’re in, you get the heck out in under 2 minutes.
  6. Basic necessities. The only 5 pairs of socks I have, have holes in them while my 3-year-old¬†sports brand name neon pink socks. I have a *gasp* Nokia slider phone, while my 3-year-old¬†sports an itouch¬†with a pink hello kitty case. While I used to buy¬†lululemon’s, now it’s my kid walking around looking like she teaches a yoga class.
  7. Date night. Being in a small¬†town¬†village with nowhere to go and no one to babysit doesn’t help either.
  8. Enjoying a sit down dinner. Or any other meal for that matter. You know what I’m talking about. Every 5 seconds you are either picking up food, getting food, or cooking new food because your kid thinks you are their personal chef/housekeeper.
  9. Spontaneity. Any parent knows that. Any human being who is childless will never understand that.
  10. A clean car.

There you have it. That being said, there will never, ever be another human being you love more than your children.


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