10 Rules to Kick Off This Blog

August 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

  1. Coconut Oil every day – I put some in my coffee every morning, fry it with my eggs for lunch, and drizzle enormous amounts over popcorn.. which leads me to my next point..
  2. NEVER eat microwaved popcorn – The chemicals in microwave popcorn are horrendous. On a one income family, instead of forking out $40 on an air popper, I started out popping kernels in a paper bag. Yes it works, and it’s super cheap and super easy. That was until my birthday rolled around and I hinted to the hubby for a popcorn air popper. 🙂
  3. SKIP the vegetable oils! – Yes, Canada, makes Canola oil and other vegetable oils. I will have a separate post on the best oils. Stay tuned.
  4. NOTHING low-fat, non-fat, half-fat! This big fad, started in the 80s has led the obesity war. I grew up on skim milk and low fat everything. My mom to this day still will not touch full fat anything. It has been ingrained in us for years that fat is bad. It’s not. It’s the bad fats that are bad. I will have a post of good vs bad fats coming soon. Stay tuned.
  5. Limit chemicals you put into/on your body! Try cutting out one harsh chemical whether it’s hairspray, using homemade deodorant, or finding a skin cream that is paraben/sulfate free.
  6. Try to make from scratch anything and everything possible. I realize it is more time consuming, but frozen and processed is just not good for you. And eating something made from scratch tastes that much better.
  7. NEVER, EVER use cool whip. If you want to eat something that is one molecule away from being plastic, be my guest. Do you even remember how good REAL whipped cream tastes? You will never go back.
  8. Start the day off with a warm glass of water with fresh lemon. It detoxifies the liver.
  9. Quit the egg white bandwagon phase. Eat your yolks. It’s not the yolks that cause high cholesterol. More to come on the benefits of yolk.
  10. Get your Vitamin D…. from the SUN! I realize this is a controversial issue, and I will have another follow up post on this but please, forgo the sunscreen for ten or fifteen minutes a day, without burning. 🙂  

UPDATE: BONUS 11. Butter IS better. I grew up on margarine, yuck. The ingredients in butter are cream, and milk. Try reading your margarine container next time and you’ll see the difference.


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